Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Women Create 2 – My Hand-Me-Down Hangout

Welcome to my “Hand-Me-Down Hangout” as I lovingly call it. My space is a place that I love to be in. It’s not fancy, but it is comfortable and fits me well. There is nothing in it that cost a lot of money (except the craft supplies-at least that’s what my husband says! Ha!), and most of the items have been collected through the years from relatives, or garage sales. I have a lot of sentimental items in my space which makes it even more special to me. It is a place that has room for my family to sit and visit, as well as my grandson and niece to play. It is my TV watching room, blogging space as well as my creative studio. And with it being next to our laundry room, it is even a space to fold clothes!


Come on over, relax and let me show you my space.


In the corner, I have an old safe from my Grandmother Edwards. It is filled with an old Mrs. Tucker’s shortening tin that my Grandmother used to keep her sugar in. Her Sunbeam mixer sits on the shelf along with quilts that her and my Grandma Allen made for me.


On the wall are some items from my Dad. He is a retired auto mechanic so I have a wonderful old clock that I have retrofitted with a new clock mechanism and it works great. My loveseat was purchased from a garage sale for my middle son’s house when he first moved out and when he was able to by new furniture it made its way back to me. I love the red color.


The curtains are from my sweet mother-in-law. She gave them to me to put in my garage sale, but somehow they never made it to the sale! They add a touch of red to the room also.


The entertainment center was one my youngest son had in his room and now it makes a great place for books for little ones to reach.


The chest was from my Grandma Allen. She had a great antique finish on it and I just love it. It holds pictures, keepsakes and more than not, is a place I put stuff when I want to keep something but just don’t know where to put it yet! Does the picture above the sewing boxes look familiar?


Well that’s the “sitting area” part of my room. Let’s move around the room and we come to another sitting space. I have a stereo, including a phonograph and some 45’s and LP’s. Wow, I’m old! They include America, The Monkees, The Beatles, etc. I just love the ‘70s!


This table was purchased from a vendor at the Canton Trades Days about 20 years ago. One day, I’m going to paint it! (I keep saying that and have still never found the time!) It makes a nice extra work space, a place to play Candyland, put together puzzles and color in the coloring books. The silk sunflowers may look a little cheesy, but I really love them. The old pitcher they are in belonged to Grandmother Edwards. My mother remembers it being filled with milk from their cow and I think that is a lovely thought! She said it was always so cool after being stored in the granite ware pitcher.


Now let’s move around the room to my studio space. Just like the rest of the room, it is assembled mostly from collected pieces. This piece in an old Victrola cabinet that I was given from my father-in-law. It belonged to his mother and when the player no longer worked, a shelf was inserted. It’s a great place to store my glue guns and below, it has a lot of shelves that hold ephemera and scrapbooking supplies.


Next is a bookshelf from Grandma Allen’s house. Attached to it is my main crafting area, which is an old kitchen bar from my kitchen! So I’ll call it my “craft bar”. I ripped it out a few years ago and saved it until I had another use for it. I just couldn’t bear to part with the thing! The cobalt blue doesn’t really match the rest of the place, but it’s no big deal to me! Sounds like a project in the making, huh? I just attached the bar to the bookcase to make a single unit. I have a lot of my supplies handy in all of the storage items on the shelves. 100_0208

The tray on the table holds my current work and keeps things in order.


The old tin (Grandmother Edwards’) is a great place to hold my sponge stamps. An old boot cup (from when I was a little girl) holds paint brushes.

100_0226_(1) 100_0227_(1) 100_0228_(1)

This shelving unit made by my dad, holds some craft supplies in the mason jars, rubber stamps and special things that are dear to my heart. A card given to me and my husband for Grandparent’s day from my sweet Avery. Bebo (me) and PaPa is what he calls us.

100_0210 100_0243_(1) 100_0242_(1)

This is a picture of my Grandma Allen. She was such a crafting person and always on the cutting edge of trying new things. Up until the day she passed away, she was crocheting! My oldest son sketched out this picture several years ago. He loves skateboarding and this represents many of the emblems from it. My three sons bring smiles to my face!

100_0251_(1) 100_0249_(1)

Myrtle watches over all the goings on in the room, so behave yourself while you’re here! There is always mail in the box to be mailed.


The yarn looms (from my Grandma Allen) make a great place to hang things. My youngest son did the purple and green art in high school art class.

100_0186 100_0189 100_0214_(1)

I don’t know what to call this piece, a chest, I guess, but I love it. The drawers have plenty of space and keep scrapbook papers from getting all bent out of shape. It is the only piece that I actually bought specifically for my craft room. It is on wheels and very easy to move around. I keep my favorite paints handy in an old soda crate. They are easy to transport over to my craft bar as needed and the top of this chest gives me another large workspace.


Under the craft bar is a small sewing cabinet from Grandmother Edwards that nicely stores my calligraphy supplies.


Moving around the room is my last space. My desk area. Here’s where I get to do a lot of visiting, with you special “Bloggy Friends!”


Well that pretty much wraps up the visit to my Hand-Me-Down Hangout. I love my space and it is a reflection of me…’s not perfect, changes daily, a work in progress, gets better the older it gets and is full of love and contentment! I hope you enjoyed visiting as much as I have enjoyed you being here! Talk to you soon my precious friends!

100_0178 100_0181 100_0184


  1. Beth,
    Oh I love this hand me down hangout. I could sit & play here for quite awhile. Love the family stuff & the record player. Thanks for sharing your lovely space. Lisa

  2. Hi Beth, what a wonderful hang out. Like grandmother Allen, like granddaughter Beth.

    come visit

  3. Isn't it sweet to be able to use sentimental items from family?

  4. Hi Beth,

    What a lovely place you have and I enjoyed having a peek into your beautiful home.
    So neat that you have so many treasures handed down from your family.
    thank you for showing us and I hope that you have a lovely weekend


  5. I love your sentimental pieces! They all come together to create a very warm and inspiring space. I really like your red boot holding your brushes. I have a couple of boots, too, holding rulers and such. If you get a chance, you might like to pop by and check out my studio photos. Thank you do much for the tour...


  6. Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my studio. I love how you use sentimental treasures from your family. That makes it truly your space and very special. I love your header and did recognize it framed.



  7. Wow what a room full of love and inspiration. Loads of memories and happiness.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely space!
    Thank you also for all your beautiful memories.



  8. So many memories! They must inspire tons of creativity!
    WOW! What a super creative space!
    Queen Bee Studio

  9. What a great sentimental creative space. So, enjoyes my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  10. Hi my Sweet Beth!
    I've NEVER seen a space with so much sentimental value and LOVE in my whole life! Out of all these WBC participants, your room has to be the MOST SPECIAL of all :))))
    I am loving that chest that the drawers slide out...almost to the point of jealousy ;)
    It's so nice to know where you "are" when you are visiting me :)))
    Thanks for letting me peek around. If that chest would have fit in my pocket, I think I would have stolen it! hahaha

  11. What a wonderful creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. You have inspired me to work on my own crafting paradise.

  12. Hi Beth! Thanks for the tour of your warm and cozy space! I had a wonderful time and I can tell that it is extra special to you too!

  13. Hi Beth......Thanks for sharing your space with us and also stopping by my space. I love family stuff handed down, very nice. Susan

  14. Hi Beth,
    What a cosy place you have here, love it is for the whole family ,to be able being together,when you create.Love your old furnichures.

  15. oh I love all your family treasures! Thanks for sharing them all.I enjoyed your post!

  16. Love all the familial treasures you've used in your space Beth. And you have so many...lucky girl!

    I'm late in getting by to thank you for your thoughts & prayers but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate them.

  17. I love what you wrote at the end:

    'Well that pretty much wraps up the visit to my Hand-Me-Down Hangout. I love my space and it is a reflection of me…’s not perfect, changes daily, a work in progress, gets better the older it gets and is full of love and contentment!'

    How wonderful. I really enjoyed your reds and darker wood - I'm drawn to the darker colors of Victorian restoration, which your Hand-Me-Down Hangout has.

  18. Hand-Me-Downs are great - cheap and full of meaning. Thank you so much for giving us a peek.

  19. I think your space is just perfect! Love it! :-)

  20. You have WONDERFUL hand me downs! Thank you for the tour.

  21. Lovely space. I really enjoyed taking a peek. So many wonderful hand me downs. Thanks for sharing,
    Janets Creative Pillows

  22. What a nice space to create.Surrounded by memories and all of your treasures. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  23. what treasured pieces of furniture and tins you have! each with it's own memories-great space, thanks for sharing!

  24. Beth I just love that the whole room is filled with pieces from family members. It keeps them all near to you all the time! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I can see why you love to be in there.
    My Desert Cottage

  25. How awesome that you have so many family heirlooms decorating and inspiring your creative haven. I had a little red plastic boot cup just like that one when I was a little girl! Thank you for sharing your precious space.

  26. Beth, it looks like such a comfy cozy place to sit and read, stitch or just play. What a wonderful spot to call your own!

    yapping cat

  27. Thanks for a fun tour! XXMollye

  28. Thanks for the peek into your home and craft area! Our glue guns are separated at birth twins!

  29. You have a wonderful space full of things that reflect you and your friends and family. That is the best kind of creative space ever. That is what my space is like too and that is why I treasure it.

  30. I enjoyed my visit here. I am a new bloggerette sorority sister. I am visiting to introduce myself and follow your blog. I would love for you to visit me @
    Looking forward to reading and seeing more!!!

  31. Your blog banner is fabulous! Really dig the mix media look & layers on the tree.

    It was so fun to hear the stories behind all your pieces of furniture--I'm sure it makes the space much more meaningful to you. :D


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