Thursday, August 12, 2010

Been on Vacation!

Well dear bloggy friends, I have been on vacation. From blogging and literally a vacation! Not much of a vacation though, just down the road to Fort Worth for about 4 days while my hubby was at a convention. It was a great time! Had lunch at Billy Bob’s, roped a calf (not a real one though) and watched ladies that had a lot more energy than me take line dancing lessons. Ate at Razoo’s and Cowtown Diner at Sundance Square and they were delish! 

Well my blogging vacation wasn’t really due to being away, but more that my mind has been away.  I have been focused on other things lately. Our oldest son is going through some really tough times right now. His wife left him in January and has just now told him that she does want to divorce. It has been a tough 6 months, not knowing and fearing the worst. On top of all of that, he lost his job in February and that was devastating. The extra time on his hands gave him too much time to worry and he fell into a depressed state. Bless his heart!  My heart has been so heavy because of this!  But PRAISE GOD! He is getting better. In the last 2 weeks he was able to get some depression medicine regulated (some of it would not work, but the doctor finally got a good combination) and this is the best part….He got a job!!!  We are so thankful! The job and good medicine will help him get back on his feet.  He is already SOOOO much better now.  Please pray for him if you can. He is still struggling some with his situation. We are so hopeful that he will be better soon.  But mostly we are praising God because he is in control and will bring us all through this much stronger than before.

Love you all friends!