Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jackpot at the garage sale today

Ladies, I hit the jackpot at a garage sale I went to this morning. I pinched myself all the way to my car just to make sure it was really happening. Here are my goodies I scored, all for just $10! I thought it was a pretty good deal!

The spoon collection was $5.00 and it includes several unique pieces. One of them has a little windmill on top that actually spins.  The 2 frames with the beautiful girls inside were bought for the pretty little medalions. The fortune telling cards will be a unique item for a collage as will the Gerber Baby playing cards.  There is an old glass knob and a button  from 1963 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Also included, but not in the picture was a small cast iron skillet. And the 2 really great items as you can see are these awesome magazines.

A Good Housekeeping magazine dated February 1952 and

A Harper's Bazaar magazine dated September 1936!
See why I was pinching myself! I'm so excited!

I love the medallions of the girls. Not sure what I'll do with them though, but thought they would look pretty on some jewelry.

There are 36 cards that would add interest to a collage I think.

These are some pictures from the Harper's Bazaar mag. Have a great weekend my bloggy friends!


  1. Great finds! Love the framed cameos, the old magazines & the tarot cards. I recently thrifted a pack of vintage French tarot cards ...haven't done anything w/ them yet though.

  2. WOW!!! Good for you. love the magazine.

  3. Oh how wonderful all the treasures you got this weekend, and what a bargain.

    Happy week

  4. Such fun finds! I didn't know there were Gerber baby cards...I bed they're cute!
    have a great day!

  5. Hi Beth!

    Those are the sorts of things I would absolutely grab for myself. I love those Gerber cards, what a great find.

    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  6. What exciting finds! Isn't it great what a trip to a garage sale can yield? I love garage sales!

  7. Ooooo! I want to go to the same garage sales you go to! What finds! I love reading those old ladies magazines; they're so funny:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. So exciting to find great stuff at great prices! I love the Good Housekeeping magazine, it looks like a gem. I'm sharing in your excitement!
    Sharon :-)


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