Saturday, April 17, 2010

Successful garage sale

Well as most of you know, you can't really call your own garage sale a success, unless you make it home with a few items that your purchased from your neighbor's garage sale. There goes my profit! I got a cute curio cabinet, including cobwebs and all for $5.00. I thought that was a great deal. With a little paint it will look like a million dollars!

I also purchased this table for $25 and I think it will fit my kitchen just fine to serve as an island. Not too big, but just big enough.  Success!


  1. Thank you for the blog comment. Your curio is going to be gorgeous after it is painted.

  2. As my friend Joy would say "Start the car!!!" We are always texting that to each other when we find something for such a great deal. YOU DID GOOD! I would've loved to been at the garage sale with you - cause we'd've been going at it over that one!!! LOL!
    Good job!!!!
    Now you can relax and go back to working on your craft room!
    :) Karen - Some days are diamonds

  3. Lovely to meet you, via Jodie.
    Welcome and I hope that you have fun with your blog.
    I love the table and curio cabinet you got.

    Happy weekend

  4. hmmmm....Beth, we have a problem....

    There is NO way we can go garage sale-ing together. ever. never.

    I would have had to terminate our friendship over that curio...things would have gotten very ugly!

    I LOVE IT! I can just see it painted a creamy white with a dirty stain rubbed in all those flowers and edges...
    but would not have been a pretty sight for us to be fighting in public ;)

    Great find my friend!
    I am happy for you!!!!

  5. Great finds. I came over from Jodie's to say hi and welcome you to blogging. I enjoyed reading your last couple of posts and getting to know you a little. I will be back.

  6. WOW!!! I love your beautiful cabinet, what a great find.

  7. Hi new sister and Thanks for visiting. I say you did yourself very well with your sale! As they womans trash, another womans gotta have it treasure!

  8. Hi Beth..nice to meet you & welcome to blogging! You, me & Jodie would have had to arm wrestle over that curio! Good thing for y'all, you beat us to it....cause I got reallllly heavy grandkids. ;o)


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