Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Purple vine

Many of you have asked me what kind of flowers/vine is in the picture from yesterday's post. It is called a "clematis" and they come in several colors. It took a while to take off, but the last 2 years has done quite well. I just throw some water its way every now and then! So it must be a pretty sturdy plant if I can grow it!


  1. Hi Beth, Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. I repurpose or recycle boxes from the kitchen; cereal, cracker, etc. I use the printed side of the box as the back of the cards and on the "inside" part of the box I usually put a coat of Gesso on before I do any background whether it be paint, ink, or papers. You will love it!

  2. Hi Beth!
    love clematis...reminds me of my grandmother! Thanks for stopping by and the encouraging words...


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